Would You Pursue $1000?…if the Odds Were Against You?

Earning $1000 may not be that exciting!

If your wallet with $1000 fell off a cliff

Perched precariously on a boulder 120 feet beneath you is your wallet with 10 $100 bills inside.  You and your buddies have been rock climbing.  If the wallet falls again, it falls into the ocean….and the current will probably take it away.  It is your money, but you can survive without it.  You need to get your climb finished while you can see.  Night is approaching rapidly and rock climbing in the dark is extremely risky.  Would you backtrack to get your wallet?

In this scenario, I am not talking about earning $1000.  Studies show that people will put more energy into pursuing a lost $1000 or protecting the $1000 they already have than they would in earning $1000. 

Lottery games/raffle

Hey, it is always exciting to win! 

There are a lot of people who play the lottery.  Some of them spend a huge chunk of their paycheck attempting to win the big prize.  For them, the excitement and the hope of winning is worth many dollars.  Opening that ticket or watching the numbers come up and see if they match can be a mini-surge of adrenaline. Even the lesser prizes are exciting.  The second or third prize might be $1000.  (Why does that figure keep popping up?  Read on…)

People work hard to earn their money.  Many hours of hard labor are necessary to earn $1000.  Lots of people hate their jobs, and wish there was another way to earn their money.  The lottery!  Win the lottery and you don’t need to work and earn money any more!  Now, you can be set for life!

But, there are local lotteries that people enthusiastically play.  There are smaller contests and giveaways that merchants run to get and keep customers.  Many years ago, my dad won $1700 in a monthly supermarket contest.

People play games of chance for excitement.  For many who have dull jobs, work hard to earn their money, and want something exciting in their life; it gives them a chance to dream… “what if?” 

Would You Attempt to Earn $1000; even if the odds were against you?

Deadline; July 31!!!

There is a way to earn $1000 this month.  But, the $1000 check (minus deductions, of course) will be either earned or not by July 31.  If you try for the $1000 and fail, you may receive a lesser check.  That means that if you want to earn that $1000 check, you want to start as soon as possible.

Your efforts will determine if you get this check

How do you earn this $1000 check?  Join me on Skype.  It can be for one of the regular meeting times listed on the Informational Meetings section…or, if you don’t want to wait that long, comment here…or, send a Skype message to DavidSneen….no spaces between names.  I will run through all the details at the meeting. 

This is a legitimate business.  Use this link to check out the Criteria of the business if you like. 

Many $1000 checks will be mailed.  Your name could be on one of them. 

Would an extra $1000 be a nice addition to your life?  You don’t have to risk your life climbing back to get it or win a lottery prize.  You just have to take the first step….and the second….and the third.  I want you to get that $1000 check.  I promise to help you get it, if you want it for yourself. 

Additional note:

This blog post is part of the Earn More Spend More group motivational plan.  Should you choose to continue, you may be well on your way to earning more money in your second job than in your primary job.  You can check out the Simulator and see how much money you could be earning in four years.

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