The Best Advice for a Newbie (Who Wants to Earn Money Online)


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The newbie attitude–Lofty goals

Remember when you began to see the possible ways you could earn money on the internet?  You heard stories about people earning tons of money.  You wanted to earn even more money!  You set lofty goals.  You would put up a killer blog—people would come to you with hundreds and thousands of dollars.  You would earn more and more money.  You would be sooo…rich!

When a newbie comes to you with his/her goals and wants to earn money on the internet;  remember your early, unrealistic expectations.  You now have a point of reference to empathize with those lofty goals and dreams.  You want to help him/her get started.  How do you help that newbie earn more money, achieve his/her goals, and maintain a positive attitude?

Your opinion is welcomed

I am not certain about this advice. I could be wrong. The best advice one could give a newbie who wants to earn money online might be close to my advice. Or,…I could be way off the mark. (It would not be the first time…nor the last time.)  But, I don’t think I am.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Good advice and better advice

There is good advice, better advice, and best advice.  It is not hard to give a newbie good advice.  Stay away from certain people.  Do not listen to their nonsense.  Do not buy what they are selling.  Don’t fall for schemes.  Team up with people whose goals and dreams are similar to yours.  Use your time wisely.  Start a blog.  Blog about what you love.  Maintain a positive attitude.  Use videos in your marketing.  Really yearn for your goals; make them a part of you, like Charles did.

All these are good pieces of advice.  A mentor would certainly hit upon some of them, and offer many more nuggets of wisdom.  But, there is better advice and…there is the best advice you can give a newbie.

Very good advice to give a newbie would be to seek out a mentor.  There are many successful people online.  As people, they are proud of what they have accomplished.  When you approach a successful person in a respectful way and honor his/her accomplishments, there is a good chance that person will want to become your mentor.  Gaining a mentor is extremely helpful in building an online business.  But, there is one piece of advice that you could give a newbie that is even better than, “Go get a mentor.”

Best advice: Develop a humble attitude and learn first; then get started

I believe this is the best advice one can give a newbie.  Why?

  1. There are hundreds, no thousands of bloggers and online marketers.  They need visitors.  What can they offer to keep visitors interested in their site; and ultimately earn money from their purchases?  Bloggers bring visitors in and keep them by giving them something of value.  If their competitor gives away something even better; people will go there.  And what can a marketer give away, without spending a dime, that has value?  Information.  By reading and learning from this free information; the newbie can acquire knowledge that can save her/him hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.
  2. Learning may help a newbie find or change her/his niche.  Have you ever changed your mind?  Some of us are stubborn, and reluctant to do so.  Yet, repeated expert advice may influence a newbie in a way that others cannot.  Even a respected mentor is only one person.  How often have you had the attitude, “I will show him that it can be done?”  But, if multiple experts point out the difficulties, a newbie may see the light.
  3. Developing a humble attitude is more difficult for some than for others.  But, there are always those who know more than you.  You must believe that, seek out the advice of those experts, and follow it or  your internet business will be in serious trouble.  You will not achieve your goals.  Your chances of earning more money online than you make in your regular job are zero.  Those who do not seek wisdom from the achievers and follow it will, in all likelihood, fail.

Humbling yourself and learning before doing has three advantages for the newbie.  The newbie can; get great information for free from bloggers,  find or change his/her niche, and avoid a total failure.  So, the best advice for a newbie, in my opinion, is “humble yourself and learn first; then get started.”  Hmmm…that sounds like great advice in the real, offline world!


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11 Responses to The Best Advice for a Newbie (Who Wants to Earn Money Online)

  1. Tim says:

    That is one interesting group and I will I guess have to know more about this and understand their ways to make money online. And since we are talking about money making let me share this Over the last four months I have been learning from an Aussie guy named Timothy Marc on how to build a business that allows you to live a freedom lifestyle. Without a doubt, I have learned some amazing skills in business from this guy, and I am currently seeing some great profits from my own business.
    I know this post may raise scepticism with some of you, but if this does sound interesting to you, here is a link to my success story on is blog: and be sure check out his free audio if you like his vibe.
    Ask a question on the blog too and I will help you any way I can.

    Cheers, Tim.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Fred for the comment. It sounds like you are in the data collecting stage.

      I hope the concept and presentation inspires you to come to one of our group meetings. The next one is Saturday at 10PM Central, 8 PM, Pacific, 9PM Mountain, or 11PM Eastern time. I would love to share the specifics as to how EMSMG members earn money. The meeting should take less than an hour, slightly more if you have a lot of questions.

      It sounds like you are in the data collecting stage. I hope you will consider the Earn More Spend More Group.

  2. David says:

    Good Post ..Thanks for sharing !

  3. admin says:

    Agreed. The spend more is appealing to us all. Of course, there is a right way and wrong way to spend more. I am not telling someone to spend money they do not have.

    I like your use of, “getting your hands dirty.” There is a time to do that. One should do as much research as possible within a certain time frame; and if they have a good idea…act on it. No one will pay you to endlessly research blogs and social media.

  4. It is really very necessary that newbies will learn all the necessary things that they may use in earning money through online that way they can have more enough savings and will never have any problem in the long run of the activity that they are going to do.

  5. As a newbie in this kind of activity online business, these are great tips we can follow for us to become successful in it. visiting other site such as this will sure teach a lot of lesson on how to start our own business.

    • admin says:

      Hi again, Kate. There are many internet marketers that share similar information. However, like you said, visiting other sites will teach you a lot. I might also recommend signing up for free ebooks…which many sites have to get you on their emailing list.

  6. Dee Ankary

    Hi David,

    I love the name of your blog, especially the spend more bit :)

    I agree with the best advice, but up to a point: newbies (such as myself) can suffer from too much learning and not enough doing. Until you start and get your hands dirty, you don’t really realize just how lofty those lofty goals are.

    I get so annoyed with the so-called gurus that tell everyone to just go and “outsource it all” while you just “manage” the business. You can’t outsource until you know what you’re doing! Unless, of course, you have lots to spend …

    Well written post.

    Dee Ankary recently posted..The Secret Of A Successful BlueprintMy Profile

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