How to Get a Lifetime’s Worth of Raises in 4 Years


Earn Monthly Raises by Setting and Achieving Goals

The Earn More Spend More Group is a motivational plan, carefully crafted to help you obtain monthly raises.  Active members set earning and spending goals, achieve those goals,  and spend their money so they can motivate themselves to earn more money next month. In this article, we will compare the minimum results an active Earn More Spend More Group member achieves with the salary and raises of the average hard worker.


Traditional Raises

Many of us are frustrated by the fact that there are so few raises offered at our regular job.  We work long, hard hours.  It seems that we put more value into our work than we are being paid for.  And then, finally, the end-of-year review…followed by the raise.

The rare worker  who works at the same job from age 22 to age 68 can see 45 or 46 of these annual raises.  Hard work will then pay off in retirement.  But, what if you could condense a lifetime’s worth of raises into four years?  What if you could continue in your regular job, and start creating a second income?  A second income that starts out small, but grows every month.  And,….you may call me crazy,  … but what if you could get a lifetime’s worth of raises inside of four years?  Would that catch your interest?


Monthly Raises = More Raises

How is it possible?  The previously mentioned Earn More Spend More Group plan is designed to help you achieve monthly raises of at least $100.  There are 48 months in four years.  The worker mentioned in the previous paragraph will see 45 or46 annual raises throughout her/his working career.   So, the active Earn More Spend More Group member will achieve a lifetime worth of raises in less than four years.


The Earn More Spend More Group Monthly Raise–144 Times Better

A $100 monthly raise looks like chicken feed when compared to an annual raise of, say, $3000.  But, the raise is for a month — not a  year.  There are 12 months in a year.  With the multiplying factor explained in How to Earn $57,600 a Year, the raises are 144 times better.  In other words, that raise has a pro rated value of $14,4000 a year; far more than the raise most people achieve at their regular jobs.

The article just mentioned refers to the minimum  income ($57,600) an active Earn More Spend More Group member would be earning at the end of four years.  The average United States household income has been hovering around $50,000 for the last decade.  A worker in a traditional job could begin to earn a second income without quitting his/her regular job.  Therefore, sometime in the fourth year, the income an active EMSMG member creates will eclipse the average household income.

Do you want more information?  Fantastic, I encourage you to visit the rest of this blog. The Home Page will give you an overview, or map of the blog.   The Examples section will explain the Earn More Spend More Group plan.  If you want to experience the plan and learn how to use it, play the four-year simulator game.  Goals that we really want (see the Charles article) get achieved.   A smart person would want to know that the EMSMG plan is stable — I recommend the Criteria section.  Of course, all of this is useless information unless you get started.  So, join us at an Informational Meeting …also listed in the Criteria section.

Four years may seem like a long time.  But, time will pass quickly.  Will you have joined us as an active Earn More Spend More Group member?  Will you personally be earning an income greater than what most households earn — as a second income?  We would love to have you on board.

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