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Work the job you love; and you will never have to work a day in your life. ~ Confuscius

Work the job you love

What are the benefits of working the job you love?  There are many;

  1. When you love your job, you will work harder without thinking about it. 
  2. When you love your job, you will take pride in your work.  When you are working for pride, instead of just money; your work will be superior.
  3. You will maintain a cheerful, positive attitude.
  4. Positive people will want to be around you.  You will make good friends easily.
  5. When you work harder naturally, do superior work, have a cheery attitude, and attract positive people; you are likely to get promotions and raises.  You will earn more money than other workers.  It will seem easy and effortless.

No one can expect to be 100% positive, 100% of the time.  (OK, there are exceptions; like Thomas Edison, who regularly worked 15 hour days.  He is a shining example of someone who earned money easily doing what he loved.)  But, with a little work, you can improve your attitude…and start enjoying the work that you do.

What if you don’t love your job?

If you don’t love your job, you are in the vast majority of workers.  And, why not?  There are long commutes, boring office meetings, and sniveling bosses and co-workers to deal with.  Don’t even get me started on the unreasonable expectations and the piles of work they expect you to do!

WHOA!!!  If you think like that, you are almost defeated.  Loving your job is not natural.  But, even if you have a job that you absolutely hate, you can find some positives in your job, right?  They do pay you.  You do get breaks?  There is an enjoyable challenge every now and then.  And your coworker can be funny.  Remember when he…?

A simple attitude adjustment; seek out and count the positives

When you start to count the positives; you will find yourself enjoying your work more.  And…(see the five points above) you will become better liked and earn more money at your work than before.  This will make you happier.  A simple attitude adjustment can begin a cycle that will have you on the success track at work!

If you think there are ways that you could get a better job elsewhere, continue to work hard at your regular job.  But, begin to search for a job that you will be more apt to enjoy. 

Once you find that job, the benefits will be numerous.  You will be happier, do better work, and earn more money than when you were unhappy about your job.  The positive cycle has begun!

Earning more money; something to look forward to

This blog is about earning money–primarily in a home based business with a residual income source.  The Earn More Spend More Group is a motivational program, designed to help you earn more money.  Humans are goal driven people.  We like to have something positive to work for; something to look forward to.  Whether you have learned to love your work, or not, the challenge of expanding your income is something to look forward to.

How does the Earn More Spend More Group  work?  The Examples section explains it.  The Simulator shows how an active EMSMG member can create an income that exceeds that of most family units in as little as four year’s time.

Whatever work you do; you will be better at it, and happier doing it if you can learn to love your job.  Confuscius noticed this basic truth some 2500 years ago.



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5 Responses to Earn Money Easily/Follow This Ancient Advice

  1. When we raise the vibration of money and they bring us satisfaction, we can enjoy the power of having, saving, spending and sharing them in a way which is acceptable for the universe.

  2. Shamelle

    Its ironic that post people really hate their job. When making casual conversations at parties etc this is one of the main topics that practically everyone pitch ins!
    They give many excuses as to why they are doing a job they don’t enjoy. I agree it’s not always clear cut and based on circumstances one might just have to put up with the job he/she has.

    • David says:

      Thanks for sharing, Shamelle.

      Sometimes people hate their jobs with cause. Often times, they hate their jobs, simply because they are grumpy. Either way, one must deal with their cirumcstances, until they can find a better option.

  3. James Barton says:

    Thanks for the wisdom. “The positive cycle has begun!” Although some people love their job but never become rich. I feel that we also need a dissatisfaction with our circumstances in order to kickstart and sustain the motivation needed to become liberated from them.

    • David says:

      You are accurate in saying that some who love their job never become rich. In fact, most never become financially rich. Of course, by doing what they love…they are rich in a sense.

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