A 1000 Mile Journey (Earning Money)–Your First Step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.~Lao-tzu

 Is your internet journey about earning money?  If so, has it started?  Have you taken that first step yet?  There are many ways to earn money on the internet.  Some are risky.  Others will end up paying you  a few cents an hour.  The Earn More Spend More Group is a no-risk motivational program, specially designed to help you earn money.  It certainly is not the only option out there.  However, I believe it is the best of the best.  OK, let’s talk about preparing for that single step to help you earn money.

Planning; A vital step in any journey (set goals)

Do you plan to earn money on the internet?  Are you earning money yet?  What are your goals?  As I talk to people, many say that their goal is to earn more money on the internet than they earn at their regular job.  They think that that will give them freedom to quit their job.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Whatever your goals are–you have to believe they are possible, and do whatever it takes to make them real, or you have no goals. 

Don’t set your goals unrealistically high; you will not start out earning more money than top bloggers do

 The rookie desire is to “conquer the world”–OK, I simply mean that rookies tend to think they can earn more money in their first year than they will ever make.  Do not to expect to earn more than the top bloggers do.  Especially in your first year!!!  Please set goals that you can reach; hopefully exceed!

It certainly makes sense to begin with the outcome in mind.  It is not necessary to carry that to extremes (I will make $153,000 in my third year), but one should have a reasonable idea of what lies ahead, and what it will take to earn that money.  For instance, someone interested in the Earn More Spend More Group might want to find out about company Criteria, find out what active EMSMG members can earn in their fourth year (How to Earn $57,600 a Year), or try the simulator to understand the possibilities for the next few years.

Research; the preparation for your online journey

What do you need to do in the next few years?  Even if you want to sell trinkets, you need a plan.  Creating and maintaining a blog will be helpful.   Setting up accounts in Twitter, facebook, Google +, etc. will help you brand yourself as an expert  It is not a simple process, so you may want to rub shoulders with like-minded people in forums, hangouts, etc.  It sounds so complicated, but once you get started you will find that there is a lot of help online.

If you were going on a long journey, you would spend hours getting the right gear and deciding exactly what you could take, and what equipment you do not need.  In the online world your preparation is research; collecting information.  Good information will keep you from making expensive mistakes.  It might point you in a different direction than you had originally planned.  You should plan on doing research as if you were working a job.  Schedule hours and do as much research as possible for a reasonable time.  If you are researching the Earn More Spend More Group, you will want to attend a meeting.  See Informational Meetings for a schedule.  Since it is a no-risk business, you can start earning money even while you are doing your research.

The first step; get started

That brings us to your first step.  What is your first step?  Once you have done your research, you have to get started.  If you have done your homework, you have a good idea of what lies ahead of you.   Hopefully, research has shown you more realistic numbers than you wanted to see.  Honest numbers…unfortunately not quite the large earning potential that you originally envisioned.

An online journey to earn money sounds like a simple, straightforward concept.  It is a simple concept, but it must begin with hours of preparation (research); just like you would prepare if you were taking a long journey.  Your journey begins when you put your research to work for you and start earning money.

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2 Responses to A 1000 Mile Journey (Earning Money)–Your First Step

  1. Viola Tam says:

    Hi, David,

    Great tips here about Doing Resaerach and Getting Started. The Internet is not new. There are many many great ways of leveraging on the power of the internet to make money.

    Those who seek will get the answers. Having said that, I have wasted much time, money and effort during my journey. Getting a successful and trusted mentor who has the results that you want is not a bad idea. What do others think?

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..4 Mental Enemies – More Tips from Mark YarnellMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Hi Viola. Great to hear from you. I can relate to having wasted time and money…I have wasted both on this blog. Wasted to me means spent time and/or money without results. That has happened when I trusted the wrong people, which was sometimes preventable, other times…not. Wasted time usually occurs when I do not have a clear picture of what I want to do in the blog.

      That being said, I am thrilled with the blog. I only wish I could have done it more economically.

      Regarding getting a mentor, I have utilized the advice of several people…not just one. But, I always try to keep learning. My resources are people I trust, blog posts, Google +, and the Warrior Forum. If you can get a trusted and knowledgeable mentor, that is best. If not…there are tons of resources on the internet.

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