The Earn More Spend More Group is a motivational plan. Its premise; if you earn more money, you can spend more money than you used to spend. Active members earn monthly raises – which they celebrate by spending in a way they enjoy.  Most of us have reluctantly gone without, or limited our spending on: vacations, recreation, movies, the arts, etc. If we associate our work with these or similar, enjoyable activities, we will be inclined to work harder — and earn significantly more next month.

What is the Earn More Spend More Group Plan?

The Earn More Spend More Group plan is a motivational plan.  It involves goal setting, rewarding yourself for working, and group dynamics.  Active members set goals; and earn and spend a raise of at least $100 each month.   

If you understand the Earn More Spend More Group plan already, you are unlike anyone I have ever met.  So, let me take you step by step through some of the blog posts that will help you understand what this blog is about.

The Earn More Spend More Group Plan Overview

First, there is the Prequel.  It is a story that illustrates the need for the Earn More Spend More Group (EMSMG) plan.  Next, there are a couple scenarios in the Examples section.  It has been said that the best way to learn something is to see it in action.  After reading the scenarios and studying the charts, you should understand how the EMSMG plan works.

People will want to know that their income comes from a dependable source.  Therefore, we have the Criteria section. 

The Simulator contains a “game.”  This “game” is meant to teach you how the Earn More Spend More Group plan works, and how much you can earn by remaining active for four years.  It is hokey; I freely admit that.  It will never compete with web games for entertainment.  But, the person who learns the principles from the simulator will be well on her/his way to understanding how the Earn More Spend More Group plan can help them earn a lot of money.

How do you get started with the Earn More Spend More Group plan?  There are meetings scheduled.  Links will be available on the Criteria pages just before those meetings.  If those times are inconvenient, please let me know how I can contact you and help you get the information you need.

You may want to follow internal links.  I have supplied several in each blog post for your benefit.  Feel free to leave comments.   I will answer them promptly.

Do you want to see the Earn More Spend More Group plan in action?

The graph is small, but the numbers illustrate the power of the monthly raise.


.       $100 Annual Raise         vs.        $100 Monthly Raise

$100 Annual Raise  Minimum EMSMG Raises for 12 Months

        12 months x $8.33 raise               raises of $100, $200, $300 …$1200


A $100 annual raise is spread out over 12 months, yielding 12 monthly checks grossing $8.33 more than previous checks. (Notice the ceiling on that graph is $20, so the marks can be seen). $100 monthly raises will, in a years time, produce a $1200 check. While the $100 annual raise has a residual value of $100/yr., the $1200 check from monthly raises equates to $1200 times 12 or a $14,400 pro rated income.

More About The Earn More Spend More Group Plan

The Earn More Spend More Group concept is, “Given a home-based business with a residual income source, members earn raises, and then spend them. This spending works as a reward and a tangible goal to keep you motivated.” You will not understand how powerful this motivation can be, until you view the Examples section.

The Goals/Motivation section has multiple posts.When someone truly sets, and believes in their goals, amazing things happen.  The Monthly Raises/Money section also has multiple posts.   Want to earn more money?  A good attitude is essential to any endeavor; business or otherwise.  So, the Attitude page also contains multiple posts.

And there is the blogroll page, replete with several of my latest posts.

There is a mini biography of me in David Sneen.  There is also my bold claim that the Earn More Spend More Group is a better way to motivate yourself to earn more money in the Better Way blog post.

Again, let me stress the simulator again.  Do you want to see how much money you might make in 48 months?  Do you want to practice good motivational habits to maximize your earnings?  If so, study the concepts found in the simulator, and feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hi David,

    You have come up with some great innovative ideas to teach someone how to earn and how to SPEND! This is something really great. I would like to get connected with you because this is something “Original”. Following your Tweets.

    • David says:

      I have just returned from visiting your splendid blog. Thank you Annette. Based on your kind offer, I will try to schedule a Skype meeting in the near future. One can always improve. I am anxious to learn from your wisdom and insights.

      I believe wise spending is the best way to save.

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